Our VAT outsourcing service for accountants helps relieve the administrative burden and allows them to focus on the core aspects of their practice. We can provide a complete service for your clients’ VAT returns including the following scope of work.

Scope of work

  • Monthly/quarterly VAT return
  • VAT registration
  • Use of the Flat Rate Scheme
  • Margin Scheme
  • Completion of ECSL


  • VAT summary
  • VAT report

You’ll need to provide

  • Sales/purchase invoices
  • Bank/credit card statements


The preparation of VAT returns is based on schemes adopted by your client and are either produced on excel sheets or on the bookkeeping software used by them.

Benefits from Numerix

Manage staff shortages

Cover the workload of the
staff who have left.

Faster turnaround

Provide your clients with an
improved service.

Increase productivity

Take on overflow work when
you can’t cope yourself.

Grow your practice

Take on more business without
the need for costly recruitment
or investment in staff.

Focus on core business

Shift your focus from peripheral
activities toward work that
serves the customer.

Cost effective

Achieve cost-improvements
of up to 50%.